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Our Story

We closed the door on the old way to close

Our mission is to make real estate transactions frictionless, affordable, and transparent. Why? Because that’s how it should be. Deeded was actually born out of our founders firsthand experience with a messy, clunky close, filled with in-person meetings, reams of paperwork, and too many surprises to count. It’s the exact opposite of what you want the biggest financial transaction of your life to look like — but many buyers, sellers, and industry professionals just accept it as the way it has to be.

We didn’t like that. So, we fixed it. Deeded redesigned the closing process to be so seamless, you barely have to think about it. We first imagined the ideal customer experience, then built the process around it. With the best experts, tech, and process, thousands of Canadians are getting to keys faster — and with less headaches — than they could’ve ever hoped.

Who is Deeded for?

Oh, only the people who value their time and sanity. Deeded serves both consumers and professionals involved in real estate transactions. See how we streamline your part of the process.


Home buyers, sellers, and homeowners

Closing should be exciting, and with Deeded, it is. Let us lead the way with transparency, speed, and care.


Mortgage brokers

Provide a predictable, transparent and delightful experience from commitment to funding. You're happier.  Your client is happier. Win Win.



Imagine you designed the perfect closing process that fast, predictable and secure. A natural extension to your seamless lending experience.  That's Deeded.


Real estate agents

Look great through the last mile and create clients for life with a seamless operating system for closing.

Meet our team

You will during the process (we’re with you every step of the way), but here’s a glimpse into the team behind the screen.

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Our Mission

We value transparency, convenience, and the customer experience. Because if you’re going to shed tears during closing, they should be happy tears.

Security Matters

At Deeded, security is our top priority. We take extensive measures to safeguard your data and privacy. We are SOC2 Type 2 certified, a prestigious cybersecurity certification that evaluates our commitment to protecting customer information and ensures that we adhere to the highest standards of data security.  Deeded  provides you with peace of mind throughout your real estate and mortgage closing experiences.

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