Woman looking at a screen Happily looks like she closed a deal

What if closing was the easy part?

With Deeded, it is. Real estate and mortgage transactions shouldn’t be this stressful — that’s why we make the last mile the best mile. Close on homes quickly and securely, with a dedicated team of on-call experts and a virtual process that keeps you in the loop every step of the way.

“Deeded is the way to go.”

Cassandra H

Could not have asked for a more amazing experience.

Everyone was knowledgeable and efficient. Having done everything virtually made it easy to get things done without having to miss work. Everyone was so friendly and able to put me at ease and make me feel confident in the decision to use Deeded. They made a difficult situation simple and they were amazing when providing updates and keeping me informed…

Fisayomi O

I love the ease that comes with Deeded.

My husband and I were in different locations but that did not hinder our transaction. Communication was top notch and overall we had a positive experience.

Shawn O

Very professional!

Deeded is extremely easy to work with and have a fantastic, friendly, and hard working staff! I would highly recommend them for any services regarding selling and purchasing a home.

Helen T

Wonderful experience from start to finish

. I absolutely loved that I could complete every required step remotely, from the comfort of my home

Dave S

I was amazed at how efficient the whole process was

From start to finish with our mortgage refinance. With state of the art remote software we were never required to meet in person. Uploading documents was very straightforward. Deeded worked around our schedule which made for a stress free experience.

Alana Z

I almost can't believe this service exists!

I always had questions, and they were always answered with knowledge, and kindness. This was our first home purchase and I'm SO glad we were able to use Deeded. I can't say enough about their service.

Claire M

The process with Deeded was awesome!

It was done professionally from booking to signing online. I was impressed.


2nd time I used Deeded, buying a condo

Then assisting with selling our condo, having all completed online rather than in person, made it as painless as can get! I would totally recommend Deeded when needing assistance buying/selling your property! Thanks much Deeded assisting our family with our buying/selling condo needs!

Suhrab K

They are so informative,

Helpful and honest they take you through all the bits to clear the path as much as possible to avoid any confusion and doubts.

Illia O

Deeded was able to close my deal on an extremely tight schedule. Even my realtors were surprised. I enjoyed their fully-online process.

Who is Deeded for?

Oh, only the people who value their time and sanity. Deeded serves both consumers and professionals involved in real estate transactions. See how we streamline your part of the process.


Home buyers, sellers, and homeowners

Closing should be exciting, and with Deeded, it is. Let us lead the way with transparency, speed, and care.


Mortgage brokers

Provide a predictable, transparent and delightful experience from commitment to funding. You're happier.  Your client is happier. Win Win.



Imagine you designed the perfect closing process that fast, predictable and secure. A natural extension to your seamless lending experience.  That's Deeded.


Real estate agents

Look great through the last mile and create clients for life with a seamless operating system for closing.

Deeded is a technology platform that makes it faster and easier for clients to find and work with a qualified real estate lawyer throughout their real estate closing. We are not a law firm, do not provide any legal services, legal advice, and do not provide, or participate in any legal representation.

The key to getting your keys faster

We’ve modernized the closing process using the best of people, operations, and tech.


A dedicated team of experts at your service

Closing sucks. Or, it did, before we fixed it. Trust Deeded to handle it for you, connecting you with top real estate lawyers and an on-call support team ready to help every step of the way.


All done virtually, like it should be

Remember paperwork? Neither do we. Our process replaces countless office visits and mountains of paperwork for a clean, close-from-anywhere experience*. Closing might actually feel... relaxing?

* Virtual signings are available in Ontario and Alberta


Built for transparency, calm, and celebrations

Closing on property or a mortgage is one of the most financially impactful moments you’ll experience, so you should have complete control and insight into the process. Deeded acts as a home for your closing journey, with access to your documents, progress, and real-time status updates whenever you need them.

Thousands of customers. That’s a lot of key rings.

Discover why thousands of homebuyers and homeowners trade the old way for the Deeded way. It’s simple, transparent, and dare we say... delightful?



Google Reviews rating. 5 is the highest it can go.


225+ years

Of combined Real Estate experience on our team

Demystifying closing. One resource at a time.

Dive into our Deeded Academy, born to provide simple, actionable guidance during your most significant financial journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover why thousands of clients trade the old way for the Deeded way. It’s simple, transparent, and dare we say... delightful?

What is Deeded?

Deeded is a technology platform that connects homebuyers, sellers, and borrowers with friendly and experienced Real Estate Lawyers for a streamlined, transparent, and virtual real estate and mortgage closing experience.  We ​pair a team of deep experts with world class technology for a simple, efficient, and virtual closing experience.

Who does Deeded help?

Deeded caters to both individuals and professionals engaged in real estate dealings. For home buyers, sellers, and borrowers, we provide an effortless, clear, and virtual process for real estate and mortgage closings. Meanwhile, industry professionals such as mortgage brokers, realtors, lenders, and proptech companies, can enjoy a simplified approach to closing their clients' transactions, leading to improved client reviews, smoother operations, and a consistently reliable closing experience.

What locations does Deeded serve?

We can help with properties located in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. Since we work remotely, we can assist clients all across these provinces, though there might be a few cases where certain property types need local experts. If you're wondering about your specific location, just reach out to us, and we'll be happy to assist you.

Is Deeded a Law Firm?

Deeded is not a law firm. Deeded operates as a technology platform, collaborating with a handpicked group of proficient Independent Real Estate Lawyers across our covered provinces. Our lawyers excel in Real Estate matters and are known for their approachability and friendliness. They work alongside our team to ensure a seamless closing journey, offering support throughout and keeping you well-informed through consistent updates.

Which types of transactions can Deeded help with?

At Deeded, along with our network of lawyers, we can handle property purchases, mortgage refinances and switches, sales, and title transfers. Our lawyers also provide Independent Legal Representation (ILR) or advice (ILA) if you need it.

Is Deeded secure?

At Deeded, we take immense pride in being a highly secure online closing platform. Remarkably, we stand out as one of the very few closing platforms holding SOC 2 Certification. This cybersecurity recognition, known as SOC 2 (Service Organization Control 2), evaluates an organization's methods for safeguarding customer data, ensuring privacy, availability, processing integrity, and data confidentiality. With Deeded, your information is safeguarded, and we uphold a stringent standard of security, letting you relax with peace of mind.