The best impression. The least stress. That’s closing with Deeded.

Hi, we’re Deeded — your dedicated partner for closing on a home or mortgage. Look great through the last mile and create clients for life with a seamless and efficient closing experience.

Closing shouldn’t be like this

It’s a struggle to find a friendly, available lawyer when you need them.

What’s the opposite of a transparent, delightful process? Yes. It’s that.

It's possible that you're not even aware of the moment when your transaction is officially closed.

There’s no clear, predictable process, leading to consistent scrambling.

In comes Deeded,
closing reimagined like it should be.

“Deeded is the way to go.”

Milli Pajpani, Real Estate Agent

Deeded delivers amazing service and communication

Throughout the entire close process not only to my clients but keeps me posted every step of the way. They are very professional and have an amazing dashboard to upload files and keep track of your transaction.

Katie Indrebo, Real Estate Agent

“I love how I can see the progress of the transaction and how quickly everything was completed and ready to go on completion day. ”

Mike Gudelj, Real Estate Agent

I've been in business since 1989 and wish I had known about this company sooner. Amazing service, super fast response times, friendly staff, video signing, reasonably priced and the list goes on. This team deserves 10 stars!!!

What Deeded can do for your clients

When it comes to closing, basically everything. Here are a few services we provide, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, please reach out.


Closing a property purchase or sale


Refinance or transfer a mortgage


Transfer or modify property ownership


Independent legal advice

How it works

Deeded is your new system for closing. We give you everything you need to offer your client's a seamless closing, without giving you a headache.


Enter your client’s information so we can connect them with a dedicated support team and the right real estate lawyer.


Both you and your client can track progress, manage and sign paperwork, and see next steps in your dashboard. Think online pizza tracker, but for closing.


And... congrats! That’s it. Celebrate another deal funded, and join us for the next one.


Impress clients with effortless closing

We’ve modernized the closing process using the best of people, process, and tech.


Do your clients need a lawyer? Support? We’ve got the best.

You don’t have to play matchmaker anymore. Deeded instantly connects your client with friendly, experienced lawyers and an entire team of experts so you can get back to what you do best.


Stay in lockstep with your client from agreement to keys in hand

You know it well — at the closing stage, clients tend to get unorganized, antsy, and eager for updates. Deeded gives both you and your client a personalized dashboard for document management and complete insight into the progress of the deal.


Seamless, secure, and great for your reputation

The best way to get client referrals? Offer a simple, painless experience when they expect the opposite. That’s why mortgage professionals choose Deeded. We take the closing chaos off your plate, have experts handle it, and make you look really good. It’s that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover why thousands of clients trade the old way for the Deeded way. It’s simple, transparent, and dare we say... delightful?

What is Deeded?

Deeded is your new system for closing your client’s real estate transactions, seamlessly and virtually. As soon as you have a client with a signed agreement, we instantly connect them with one of our friendly and experienced real estate lawyers, making your client’s closing seamless, while making you look great!

What makes Deeded different from using a traditional Real Estate Lawyer?

At Deeded, we have a clear mission: to make real estate transactions easy, affordable, and transparent.

Our team is here to assist your clients with any questions throughout the entire process and make you look like a superhero for referring us. Still unsure?  Take a quick look through our reviews.

What if I have a question? Can I speak with a lawyer?

Of course!  We’re more than happy to help you with any aspects of your client’s transaction and that includes quick status/strata certificate reviews as well.   To get in touch, simply contact us and we’ll quickly respond to your questions.

How does Deeded’s closing process work?

Begin by investing just 30 seconds to submit your client’s information by clicking here or if you have a Deeded Pro account, click here to login and submit your client from your dashboard. This will kickstart your closing process.

Within minutes, we'll assemble a dedicated closing team, including one of our real estate lawyers and send you a confirmation.  We’ll reach out to your clients to lay out all the requirements upfront and make sure to keep you in the loop with regular updates and notifications on how things are going. Plus, you can easily track the status of your transaction and see what's coming up next right in your very own personalized dashboard, all the way up to when the deal closes.  It’s just like the Domino’s pizza tracker - only for closing.

What types of transactions can Deeded help with?

Here at Deeded, together with our team of trusted lawyers, we've got you and your clients covered for a wide range of services including property purchases, property sales, mortgage refinances and switches, and title transfers.

What locations does Deeded serve?

We can help with properties located in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. Since we work remotely, we can assist clients all across these provinces, though there might be a few cases where certain property types need local experts. If you're wondering about your specific location, just reach out to us, and we'll be happy to assist you.

Who are the lawyers Deeded connects my clients with?

At Deeded, we team up with a small and very select group of skilled independent Real Estate Lawyers in the provinces we cover. Our lawyers are not only experienced, specifically in Real Estate, but are also approachable and friendly. They're dedicated to making your closing process smooth, supporting you at every stage, and keeping you informed with regular updates.

When matching you with a lawyer, we'll work with your preferences to find the right lawyer for your needs. We'll consider the expertise needed, when you want to close, and when you're available.

How do I refer my client to Deeded?

It's a breeze! Just click here to securely share your client's details with us. We'll reach out to them within minutes and ensure you stay informed every step of the way.

Once you're part of the Deeded family, we'll get you all set up in our secure portal, making it super convenient to refer your clients. If you have any questions before referring a client, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at . We're here and eager to answer any questions you might have.

Is Deeded only for my tech-savvy clients?

Usually, if your client can manage a Zoom call, they'll have no trouble using Deeded to digitally sign their documents. All they'll need is a computer or smartphone and a stable internet connection to complete the virtual document signing process. It's simple and user-friendly!