Finally — an efficient, secure, and predictable closing solution

Lenders choose Deeded to help your clients — and your team — close effortlessly. With our dedicated experts running the process for you, you can rest easy knowing the experience is safe, fast, and dare we say... delightful.

Closing shouldn’t be like this

Inefficient processes burn out your staff and increase the cost of origination. Both suck.

We still follow processes established in the 1890s, using tech from the 1990s. That’s 30+ years ago.

You’re drowning in hundreds of disjointed emails, texts, and calls, just to get one deal done.

Closing is slow, cumbersome, and no matter how many times you’ve done it — still unpredictable. It’s not a good experience for clients.

In comes Deeded,

closing reimagined like it should be.

What Deeded can do for your clients

When it comes to closing, basically everything. Here are a few services we provide, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, please reach out.


Closing a property purchase or sale


Refinance or transfer a mortgage


Transfer or modify property ownership


Independent legal advice


Customized Closing Programs

“Deeded is the way to go.”

Alecia B

I highly recommend Deeded. Excellent experience,

Fast, professional, and they made it just so easy. I've lived in three countries and this is the first time we have had a smooth transition... absolutely seamless. All digital signatures. Perfect!

Russel O

This is a top-notch group of professionals who made the (what can be an unpleasant) process of mortgage renewal a relatively easy experience. The online signing process was smooth and convenient, and they took me through every step of the way.

Christina L

Excellent experience working with Deeded.

Like that everything is digital and they were great at communicating when and where needed.

We used Deeded for our mortgage,

They were very efficient, friendly and the service was super convenient. Everything was done online which made it so easy in today's busy world. I highly recommend them!

How it works

Deeded is your new system for closing. We give you everything you need to offer an end-to-end experience, without giving you a headache.


Enter your client's information or submit through our API so we can connect them with a dedicated support team and the right real estate lawyer.


Both you and your client can track progress, manage and sign paperwork, and see next steps in your dashboard. Think online pizza tracker, but for closing.


And... congrats! That’s it. Celebrate another deal funded, and join us for the next one.


Impress clients with effortless closing

We’ve modernized the closing process using the best of people, process, and tech.


Awesome lawyers.  Seamless Experience.

When you introduce your client to us, they’re instantly given a dedicated support team to walk them through the entire process, including being assigned a friendly, experienced lawyer. Did you hear that? Oh, it’s just the sound of calm knocking on your door.


Stay in lockstep with your client from commitment to funding

You know it well — at the closing stage, clients tend to get unorganized, antsy, and eager for updates. Deeded gives both you and your client a personalized dashboard for document management and complete insight into the progress of the deal.


Seamless, secure, and great for your reputation

The best way to get client referrals? Offer a simple, painless experience when they expect the opposite. That’s why mortgage professionals choose Deeded. We take the closing chaos off your plate, have experts handle it, and make you look really good. It’s that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover why thousands of clients trade the old way for the Deeded way. It’s simple, transparent, and dare we say... delightful?

What is Deeded?

Deeded is your new system for closing your client’s real estate transactions, seamlessly and virtually. Deeded is a technology platform that connects your clients (or borrowers) with a friendly and experienced real estate lawyer to make your client’s closing experience seamless, efficient and predictable.

What makes Deeded different from using a traditional Real Estate Lawyer or a Title Company to close?

At Deeded, we've transformed the closing process by combining the strengths of our people, streamlined processes, and cutting-edge technology. As a lender, this translates to a more efficient, predictable, and client-centric closing experience. You'll benefit from reduced time-to-close, enhanced partnerships, and higher client satisfaction levels.

Where does Deeded operate?

At present, Deeded serves clients located in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. Our centralized operational approach ensures exceptional, consistent, and swift service. Our dedicated client success specialists serve as your single point of contact, efficiently tracking your transactions and workflows across different regions.

What types of transactions can Deeded support?

Our platform and network of lawyers provide a wide-ranging array of services, encompassing property purchases, mortgage refinances, transfers, sales, and title transfers. We're also well-versed in specialized products such as private mortgages, reverse mortgages, and HELOCs. If you require a tailor-made solution, please don't hesitate to reach out; we're here to create a customized product to meet your unique needs.

Is Deeded secure?

At Deeded, we take immense pride in being a highly secure online closing platform. Remarkably, we stand out as one of the very few closing platforms holding SOC 2 Certification. This cybersecurity recognition, known as SOC 2 (Service Organization Control 2), evaluates an organization's methods for safeguarding customer data, ensuring privacy, availability, processing integrity, and data confidentiality. With Deeded, your information is safeguarded, and we uphold a stringent standard of security, letting you relax with peace of mind.

Can Deeded integrate with my loan systems or CRM?

We seamlessly integrate with your existing loan origination system or proprietary transaction management software through our robust API. This means you can initiate a closing with just a simple click – it's that effortless.