Meet the Mortgage Professionals Redefining the Industry Through Social Media

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In the dynamic realm of the Canadian mortgage industry, a group of extraordinary mortgage professionals has emerged.  These individuals are redefining the landscape and their personal brands through their strategic use of social media.

They've harnessed the power of platforms to not only transform and grow their businesses but also to elevate the entire mortgage industry.Join us on a journey as we spotlight the Top Canadian Mortgage Professionals who have seamlessly woven the threads of social media into their growth strategies, setting a remarkable precedent for industry peers and aspiring entrepreneurs alike.

Ron Butler

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What do you do when you've spent 28 years in the mortgage industry and you're already arguably the most well-known figure in the industry?  Go "all-in" on social media, of course.Already an industry-vet, Ron Butler, who has led and grown the operations of his discount brokerage,  Butler Mortgage, is hard to miss across all social media platform these days.  Having started and built a strong presence on Twitter (now called X) years ago, you can now pretty much find Ron everywhere on social media these days.  His content is engaging, informative, and most of all, entertaining (with a liberal dose of colourful language).  A "must-follow" is Ron's recently launched podcast, the Angry Mortgage Podcast.

Rob Campbell

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Industry insiders know Rob for his wicked sense of humour and his hilarious Facebook posts.  For nearly a decade, Rob Campbell has served as a prominent mortgage broker in Guelph.  Rob's social game is strong with his educational, humorous posts which you can find on Facebook, Linkedin, and other channels.Dedicated to simplifying the mortgage experience and delivering a great experience for his clients, Rob undeniably stand out and knows how to engage his audience.  

Sunny Talbot

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Introducing Sunny Talbot, best known as The Mortgage Lady on TikTok.  Sunny has harnessed the captivating potential of TikTok to elevate her mortgage business to new heights. Sunny's journey began with a profound desire to not only assist homebuyers but to engage and educate them in a refreshingly innovative way.Starting with a passion for helping clients achieve their homeownership dreams, Sunny quickly realized that TikTok offered a unique platform to connect with a broader audience. As a dedicated mortgage professional, she saw the opportunity to provide valuable insights and guidance to individuals who might not typically engage with traditional financial content.

Johnson Andrews

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Meet Johnson Andrews, a rising star in the mortgage industry who has harnessed the power of social media to redefine client interactions and provide unmatched transparency throughout the mortgage process. Beginning his career as a Credit Analyst and rising to now run one of the fastest-growing mortgage teams in the country, Johnson's passion for guiding homebuyers soon led him to explore innovative ways to connect and educate his clients, transcending the traditional boundaries of the industry.Building on his commitment to education and transparency, Johnson has seamlessly integrated social media into his approach. A quick scroll through his instagram reveals insightful posts, informative videos, and a great sense of humour.

Alex McFadyen

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Alex, or The Mortgage Pug, as he's better known across social media, is a Langly, BC, based broker and owner of Flow Mortgage.  Alex brings together an engaging and consistently valuable approach to educating clients and referral partners through his instagram and Tiktok channels.Alex came up with "The Mortgage Pug" moniker as a way to help his clients and prospects forget about all the stress that comes with buying their first home or getting their mortgage.  So far, the pug branding and his sharp, educational approach to the mortgage business, has helped Alex build an outstanding brand that aligns with the great experience that Alex and his team strive to deliver to every client.

Samantha Power

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Meet Samantha Power, a dynamic and innovative mortgage agent based out of Beeton, Ontario.  Samantha has harnessed the power of TikTok to propel her business to new heights and her engagement is off the charts.  With a passion for helping clients achieve their dreams of homeownership, Samantha has combined her expertise in the mortgage industry with the creative potential of TikTok to connect with a broader audience and provide valuable insights into the world of mortgages.Through engaging and informative content, she has not only established herself as a trusted source of information but has also leveraged TikTok's platform to cultivate meaningful relationships and expand her reach in the competitive mortgage landscape.

Jason Henneberry

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Jason likely needs no introduction to the mortgage industry.   He's been at the helm of world-class organizations such as Tango Financial and is the brains behind industry staples such as Lender Spotlight.  Jason is just a couple of months into increasing his social media presence, but is already having a tremendous impact to inspire and motivate others in the pursuit of their goals.With a passion for leadership and a deep commitment to personal development, Jason has seamlessly integrated his leadership philosophy with various social media platforms to create a positive and uplifting online community.

Vince Gaetano

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If you grew up in Ontario, you'd likely recognize Vince's friendly face from his years on the show Hot Property on CP24.  As the founder of Owl Mortgage and an industry veteran, Vince has mastered social media channels to continue to add value to homebuyers and the industry as a whole.With a keen understanding of the importance of education and transparency in the mortgage world, Vince has leveraged various social media platforms to provide his audience with valuable insights, advice, and a deep understanding of the intricacies of mortgages.Vince's knack for crafting engaging and informative mortgage videos has garnered him a dedicated following. Through his content, he breaks down complex concepts into easily digestible pieces, empowering his audience with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their financial future.  You can find Vince across multiple platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

Ryan Wiley

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What do you do once you've realized success as a mortgage agent?  For Ryan, giving back to the industry was number one on his list.  Ryan is the co-founder of VIP Club, a popular engagement platform for mortgage and real estate agents, as well as 10-loans-a-month, a training company dedicated to ramping up new agents.Ryan has taken on social media to share what he's learned and is learning in the mortgage business, sharing an engaging mix of tactical advice, tools, and mindset training.His popular "3 things in 3 minutes" newsletter and his podcast, The Mortgage Game,  are pure gold for anyone in the industry who is looking to raise their game.

Ches Hagen

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Ches is the CEO of AP Capital, a mortgage investment corporation, based out of British Columbia, and a long-time industry innovator.  If you have yet to watch Ches' "Fact-Friday" posts, make sure to check them out.  Ches proves out that using social media and having an impact, doesn't have to be a full-time job.His weekly videos are 60 seconds long and are extremely engaging.  Ches has a knack for simplifying the complex, while weaving in current affairs and trendy topics to make his posts stand out.With so many incredible mortgage professionals leveraging social media in new and innovative ways, we likely have missed many who deserve props and recognition.  Stay tuned for another edition, coming soon!

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