Canadian Home Insurance Costs Are Surging. Here's Why

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As we step into 2024, the Canadian home insurance landscape is undergoing significant shifts, mirroring trends seen in the auto insurance sector. The surge in inflation observed last year sets the stage for anticipated developments. While the expectation is that inflation will return to the 2% target by 2025, several factors are driving adjustments in home insurance rates.

These include rising claims costs, increasing expenses for repairs and replacements, and a surge in climate-related disasters.

7.66% Increase in Home Insurance Premiums

Data from MyChoice, an insurance comparison website, reveals a 7.66% year-over-year increase in Canadian home insurance prices since January. However, the impact of rising rates varies across provinces. If you're living in Alberta, expect an almost 10% increase in your premiums.

Replacement Costs and Insurance Inflation

While replacement costs play a significant role, they don’t solely dictate premium changes. Let’s consider examples:

  • Manitoba: Despite a -1.52% change in replacement costs, Manitoba anticipates an 11.31% home insurance inflation rate.
  • Saskatchewan: With a modest 1.35% rise in replacement costs, Saskatchewan sees a 12.16% insurance rate hike.

Climate Change and Natural Disasters

The influence of climate change on natural disasters is crucial. In 2023, severe weather conditions led to over $3.1 billion in insured damage across Canada. British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec were significantly affected. These elevated risks and increased claims costs contribute to rising insurance rates.

Impact on Strapped Homeowners

Struggling homeowners face the brunt of rising costs. The federal government allocated $31.7 million toward a national flood insurance program in 2023, aiming to mitigate the impact of floods, particularly in Atlantic Canada. As rates continue to climb, homeowners must stay informed and seek professional advice to navigate these challenging times.


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